The Kalf Flux bib shorts come from a new UK clothing brand, sold exclusively through Evans Cycles

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Score 9

Kalf Flux Chevron bibshorts


  • Lots of reflective elements
  • Comfortable bibs
  • Quality Elastic Interface seatpad
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Well priced


  • Lots of seams in the lower legs


Kalf Flux Chevron bib shorts


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Kalf is a new name in cycle clothing, sold exclusively by Evans Cycles. The Kalf Flux bib shorts come in two different design options, with the difference not actually visible when worn, as the chevron pattern just refers to the bib straps – and the inner side of them at that.

There’s also a chevron on the pink cross-bridge at the back of the straps. Most bib shorts will have the rear of the bibs sewn to a lightweight mesh fabric centre section, helping to keep them correctly positioned over your shoulders.

Kalf Flux

Welded cross section keeps straps in place well

But the Kalf Flux shorts’ pink X-section is welded to the straps. This means that there’s no additional fabric over your back so you’re likely to stay just that bit cooler than with a mesh section. Welding the straps into the bridge means that there are no uncomfortable seams here either.

The straps themselves are wide and hemless, so they are comfortable and the cross-piece mans that they stay in place well on the shoulders.

The fit of the Kalf Flux shorts themselves is good. It’s more geared to UK sizes than some Italian brands too, so it should work for UK riders, without needing to size up.

Kalf Flux

Kalf includes subtle reflectives in the legs

There are quite a lot of seams in the legs, particularly around the grippers, but these are confined to the outside face and are flatlocked so they don’t rub and shouldn’t cause you irritation.

The wide leg grippers are fused seamlessly to the inside of the shorts, again with a hidden chevron pattern. They protrude just a bit from the bottom of the leg, exposing the fuschia band. This matches the unusual colour of the Kalf Flux jersey, but it’s sufficiently unobtrusive that you could wear the shorts with any other jersey.

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Kalf also majors on reflectives. There’s a large reflective grey K logo in the centre back and another large K on the left leg, while the right leg has smaller reflective branding.

The Kalf Flux bib shorts have a bespoke, curved Elastic Interface seatpad in them, which comes in a half fuscia, half grey colour. It’s comfortable and shaped and padded well for longer rides.

Kalf Flux bibshorts are sold in sizes from XS through to XXL, so you’re likely to be able to find a pair to fit you. And Evans Cycles is currently offering a 30% discount, which makes them a definite bargain.


The Kalf Flux bib shorts are comfortable and have some well thought out details to make them good for longer summer rides.