Assos LL.607 Uno S5 review

Assos LL.607 Uno S5
Cycling Weekly Verdict

The fabric and manufacturing has proven longevity so if you can afford them, the cost per wear will come down eventually - but it's a lot for a ‘basic' pair of tights.

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    Good fit

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    Not much

Simplified - compared to other Assos tights - the may be, but the LL.607 Uno's are certainly not low rent.

They maintain the fit of the more expensive brethren but simplifies the materials used.

RX, fleecy backed Lycra is used through out - apart from a warmer abdomen panel.

On the bike this meant they simply worked as you'd expect from a pair of quality bib tights.

The simplicity was a slight issue when it came to calls of nature - a deeper ‘bib tight crouch' was needed than normal.