Syn Lube review

Lifeline Syn Lube
Cycling Weekly Verdict

At £5.99 this is a fair price for a great product that may not set the world on fire but will keep you happily rolling along for many miles.

  • +

    Offers up to 10 hours of riding between applications (three hours in the wet)

  • +

    Reduces drivetrain noise

  • +

    Seems to reduce drivetrain friction well

  • -

    None that we can see

When we said we didn’t like the Lifeline Race Oil, the man from Wiggle handed us a bottle of Lifeline Syn Lube with a knowing look in his eye and now we know why. Syn Lube is excellent.

Long service intervals were definitely the order of the day for this wet lube as we managed more than 10 hours of riding between applications. This time was cut down by about a third in the wet but it was impressive all the same. Lifeline Syn Lube appeared to offer comparatively low friction and certainly dampened the drivetrain noise a treat.