Vittoria Pista CS Elite

With two London Velodromes, there's never been a better time to test some track gear, specifically, tubular tyres from Vittoria and the Pista CS Elite




  • Lightweight
  • Retains air well
  • Grippy


  • Not much

Price as reviewed:


It might seem a tricky task to complete a ‘100 miles later’ test on a velodrome, but with local track leagues kicking off recently, it’s been the ideal time to pack in track miles on the CS Elite tubular.

The switch between wood and concrete has been effortless for the Pista and, despite the low weight (190g), the 22c tyre hasn’t been compromised when it comes to grip. Pumped up to 140psi on a gritty outdoor track, the reinforced puncture protection seems to have done its job.


Even though this is a race tyre, ours have been put on a set of ‘hack’ wheels to use for training and local racing on the track. We’ve been impressed with the durability as well as the strength of the casing, which has held its pressure for well over a week — if nothing else, it saves some time when rushing to a race from work.