Hope Hoops Pro3 RS Mono review

Hope Hoops PRO3 RS Mono
Cycling Weekly Verdict

Even so, the wheels pick up nice enough for a pair of ?training hoops', and the extra metal certainly stops them suffering from flex. They've proved they're not just a set of winter wheels, they'd also be a worthy upgrade over a budget set of wheels like those you often get on lower-priced carbon bikes.

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    Not much

With autumn being kind to us so far, we haven't tried these in nasty conditions yet.

We have, however, had the chance to use them through a more traditional British summer of rain and shine. Until now, despite plenty of opportunities, the Hopes haven't skipped a beat.

First impressions were excellent and now, further down the line, the more subtle characteristics of the Hope hub (and Mavic Open Pro rim combination) have become more apparent. Feedback from the road is consistent and ever-present, but rough bumps are handled with relative ease. The term ‘feedback' is probably fairer than ‘harshness'.

This feeling won't be new to users of the Open Pro rim on other wheel builds. The rims are laced with 32 spokes with durability in mind rather than responsiveness.