Stans No Tubes ZTR Alpha 340 Comp review

Stans no tubes ZTR Alpha 340 comp
Cycling Weekly Verdict

For sure, part of the ride feel comes from tubeless tyres but the feeling of grip makes them a cut above the rest, and because of that the cornering is excellent. Among conventional-looking alloy rims, the 340 is hard to beat.

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    Great all rounder

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    Quick speed pick up

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    Not much

What a mouthful of a name! The 340 Comp wheels are the budget option of the range and use the venerable 340 rim; the Team (£580) and the Pro (£850) sit above and feature upgrades to reduce the mass and justify the cost increase.

The rim, as the name suggests, is ready for tubeless tyres, but it can also run tubes, if you desire. At 22.6mm wide and 21mm deep, it's certainly a shallow section; we expected it to be a useful all-rounder.

The Alpha is, in our experience, the easiest rim on which to mount tubeless tyres.

They pop on to the rims quickly and without fuss. Out on the road, they certainly deliver; the pick-up is superb, the stiffness more than adequate - especially considering the narrow hub design, but it's the all-important ride feel that makes the 340 stand out.