Actor turned politician turned actor Arnold Schwarzenegger takes a sightseeing tour of London on a Santander Bike during rush hour

Cycling through London you see many iconic things, but on Wednesday morning the internet was awash with sightings of Terminator actor Arnold Schwarzenegger pedalling a hire bike round the capital.

It turns out the actor, and former Mayor of California, is visiting London and was indulging in a spot of early morning exercise around the heart of the city, during rush hour.

Not content with simply gliding round on his rented Santander bike, Arnie stopped regularly to see all the tourist attractions, including Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Piccadilly ‘Square’ and filmed himself on Snapchat doing so.

Several Twitter users took the the social media platform to inform their followers that they saw Schwarzenegger, with Arnie taking time to reply to a select few with a couple of classic quips.

Schwarzenegger is a keen cyclist and often takes to hire bikes when travelling to cities around the world. Recently the actor was cautioned by police in Australia for cycling without a helmet.

Arnie once again went lidless in London, but lived to tell the tale.

  • ummm…

    Probably not. Arnold was a republican governor and more importantly a national treasure cherished across political lines. Kerry is a demo who is currently in office, so more fair game. However, Trump has mouth diarrhea and is an equal opportunity offender. None of what he says makes sense. For that matter, do I make sense?

  • Joel

    I see he’s skipping leg day now.

  • Cameron

    Erm… California is a state, not a city. States get governors, cities get mayors. California is not a city. Please edit your article.

  • blemcooper

    Governor of California, not Mayor. I wonder if Presidential Candidate Donald Trump would make fun of The Terminator riding around on a bike as he did with Sec. of State John Kerry who crashed and broke his leg recently.

  • ummm…

    we just can’t get dopers out of cycling!