Sir Bradley Wiggins clocks 17:58 to win the City RC 10-mile time trial in Hull but misses out on Alex Dowsett's competition record

Alex Dowsett can breathe a sigh of relief as his British record for the 10-mile time trial remained untouched by Sir Bradley Wiggins at the City RC event as the world champion clocked a time of 17:58.

With the race delayed by 45 minutes while a precarious lamppost, swaying in the gusty winds, was made safe Wiggins was made to wait for his moment in the northern sun.

It was possibly those winds, however, that stopped Sir Brad posting a record time of under 17:20, even though he passed a number of the riders to start before him.

Sir Bradley Wiggins in the Hull City RC time trial

Sir Bradley Wiggins in the Hull City RC time trial

The man given the honour of being Wiggo’s minute man, Andy Birdsall, took the challenge to the world champion, holding the man in the rainbow stripes off for over four minutes and setting a new personal best time himself.

Dowsett started his day with a victory of his own in the time trial at Bayern-Runfahrt but kept an eye on proceedings in Hull as he fended off one record attack from Wiggins.

Wiggins goes for another of Dowsett’s records on June 7, when the 2012 Tour de France winner aims to beat the Hour Record.

  • RaggedRobin

    Have you ridden a bike before for a relatively long period of time in open space? even the slightest crosswind wind (5-10mph) will be massive penalty in a time trial when you’re fighting for mere seconds. Winds that blow down trees are up to 40-50mph…

  • poisonjunction

    Yes, I too read of the wind ‘claim’, however there is little suggetion in any of the video’s of trees bent by wind, there is much more explicit evidence of streams of passing traffic that would virtually nullify any head wind effect!

    As for the ‘tottering lamp post’, I hope no one is blaming that on strong winds!!

    We are talking of a World and Olympic Champion, TdF winner, wind tunnel tested and equipped with the latest equipment aren’t we?.

    If a ‘mere’ mortal like his minute man does a PB, in identical conditions, despite bystanders crowding over the kerb edge into the road in front, and cars overtaking as he started. But seeing him brilliantly navigate through, sprinting between them from a standing start, would do Cavendish credit . . . unlike the rider that followed for whom the road was ‘conveniently’ blocked off!

    Also remember the World and Olympic Champion etc. etc., narrow margin over the young runner-up, a few seconds away!

    With so much in Sir BW favour, and the examples of other PB performances, ‘wind’ is a somewhat lame excuse.
    But to be fair, it’s only offered by others.

    My view, it’s no crime to be off-form – but to me the hour record is safe . . FTTB.
    Perhaps he will delay his attempt.

  • Derek

    It was windy, which is stated rather clearly in the article in which you are commenting on.

  • Bradley Marsden

    Shame you didn’t mention the 2nd placed rider the fastest man apart from Wiggins by 30 seconds who is also a junior top effort Eugine Cross

  • poisonjunction

    Question – whose bike was the camera attached to?

    I understood ‘his’ minute man Andy was to have his loan bike fiited with one. Looks like I’m I wrong in thinking this vid is off ‘Andy’s’ bike?

    This film lasted 15 minutes, showing a camera carrying bike being caught after 4m 30s or so, as one might expect a minute man to be passed in! The vid continued to show traffic etc., then seemed to peter out without showing the rider take the turn, so apparently ‘competitor’ did a very slow ‘out’ leg – 20 mph, and didn’t come back?

    I double checked but no RAB, was the video messed with?

    As Andy claimed to have done a PB [I think his old one was mentioned as a long 26?] and If it was apparently harder back from the turn – affecting BW so severely – it can’t have been on Andys bike, depending on what his new PB is, but praise for his amazing return leg if it is – faster than BW’s . . . possibly!!!!

    If it wasn’t on Andy’s bike, whose was it on and will the real[Andy’s] video please stand up?

  • Richard Bramhall

    Agree, we ride TT’s week in, week out with no coverage!! Come on CW, support the “race of truth”

  • Rob Worsfold

    sorry when i mentioned the bike, i meant the motorcycle outrider

  • Rob Worsfold

    i was there at roadside and the wind was strong (17mph, gusting to 32mph) at 5.00pm. The nature of the wind direction was that it was pretty much a headwind for the last 5 miles. Just seen an interview with him on local TV and he was up on the record at the turn but the headwind pretty much took the record away over the last half. Still 17.58 is a pretty good time (think it might be 4th fastest ever on that course – the other 3 were set in last year’s national champs under more favourable conditions). wiggins mentioned the bike and the fact that he got not drafts from passing vehicles. the bike was there apparently to prevent cars pulling up alongside and taking photos

  • ian franklin

    This may persuade Cycling Weekly that time trialling is an essential part of cycling’s broad church and that people may once again read the magazine if they gave time trials fair coverage. We’ve had enough of sportives, sportives, sportives, sportives as if that is all there is to cycling ………

  • poisonjunction

    Where did he lose all that time, anyone know what he did to the turn?

  • Riggah

    I thought the same. But at least he isn’t carrying spare wheels!

  • David Chadderton

    I may be wrong here, but, it looks as if a motorcycle Marshall is controlling the line of traffic on the left lane, on a public road, and it’s not a Police officer. Is that allowed? Not enough large trucks passing to create helpful suction either? Sorry you missed the record Sir, but that’s time trialling, unpredictable.

  • mod al

    whats going on first weller changes his hair style like my dads now wiggo grows a beard like zz top its obvious where the 38 seconds went, come on my mod heros get a grip.

  • Edvid

    I wonder how many people noticed the change in sponsorship on his rainbow skinsuit. Wasn’t expecting him to don a gold UKSI helmet though (even as reigning Olympic champion in the ITT).