In a 14-page 'Statement of Criticisms', former UCI president Hein Verbruggen blasts the CIRC report for being a 'complete sham' and is likely to sue

Former UCI president Hein Verbruggen is ready to sue his old employers over the ‘sham’ report by the Cycling Independent Reform Commission, which heavily criticised the Dutchman’s reign.

While the report cleared Verbruggen and his successor Pat McQuaid of concealing failed drugs tests and corruption, it did however criticise their tenures and how the sport was run in the era.

Verbruggen hailed the report after its publication for clearing him of wrongdoing, but now has revealed his own 14-page ‘Statement of Criticisms’, which will likely lead to legal action, according to the Telegraph.

The document, seen by the newspaper, begins with an executive summary stating: “The CIRC report just aims at destroying not only my person and reputation – which was of course the aim of [current UCI president] Mr Cookson and WADA – but also 15 years of hard work by many people devoted to the cause of cycling and anti-doping.

“Failing concealed tests and corruption, other arguments had to be found to bring me down. The CIRC report is woefully short of objectivity and neutrality…a complete sham.”

Cookson has refused to be drawn into a public conflict with Verbruggen has said that he won’t stand in the way of the former president suing the UCI.

“If Mr Verbruggen wishes to sue the UCI, that of course is a matter for him,” Cookson is quoted as saying on the BBC.

  • ummm…

    Yes, the now is what is important. It sucks when the “now” constantly reminds of us the “then”, or very similar symptoms are pointing towards similar diseases. Anyhow, the TDF is on its way. What other salacious things will we see published next?!?! This is a relatively week pre-tour doping story; disappointing. **tongue firmly in cheek**

  • Vespertine

    That’s a very good point re implying guilt. I agree though, none of it accomplishes anything. We should be focusing on the now.

  • ummm…

    Is he implying guilt? If they have some evidence on him, or some strong circumstantial stuff they should bypass the legal process (as he hijacks it) and just “leak” them. Hopefully do it in a way that makes it hard to place blame. But, what does that accomplish anyhow?

  • ummm…

    Very litigious. Who does that remind us of?

  • Vespertine

    I think he is just following his friend’s strategic legal m.o. to be honest.

  • ian franklin

    I wonder. From being a firm supporter of the new UCI regime, with my current problems with the UCI I just wonder …………..???????

  • Derek Biggerstaff


  • cahern1968

    With all the information that has become available from various books and articles on the goings on in the sport and it’s ruling body in the late 1990’s and 2000’s,maybe the best plan of action would be to keep quiet. Sometimes the best course of action in a situation is to do nothing.

  • skelto99

    Bit of a risky comment in these litigious days. Surprised the CW Police let you get that one through. Allegedly, of course.

  • Eric Prot

    Hein Verbruggen – the poor man’s Joseph S. Blatter?