Ask a coach: ‘Should I cycle commute every day?’

The length of your commute is a major factor; but there are ways to adapt your routine to maximise on the gains of riding into work

Cyclist commuting a bike to work
(Image credit: Getty Images - RyanJLane)

Aside from all the other benefits of commuting to work on the bike, using two wheels to get from A to B is a great way to maximise your available time - regardless of whether you are doing it to stay fit and active, or training for specific goals and events.

However, there are certain caveats you need to consider to ensure your cycling commute fits in with all your other plans. You wouldn't want to be overly fatigued from your daily commutes - especially if you have other rides planned, such as your weekend group ride or a mid-week race. 

Alex Welburn
Alex Welburn

Performance cycling coach Alex Welburn is one of the experts who will be answering your questions in Cycling Weekly's Ask a Cycling Coach series, online every Wednesday. He's currently completing a PhD on Critical power and W' at Loughborough University whilst also managing the Performance Project, in which he coaches athletes and provides consultation.

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