Cyclist films a recycling lorry jumping a red light in London, and then crossing the path of riders on CS3


A cyclist in London has captured the moment that a large recycling lorry jumped a red light and then cut across the path of riders.

The EMR Recycling lorry was filmed by Harry Fletcher-Wood moving through a red light at the junction, and then taking a right-hand turn. It crosses the route of Cycle Superhighway 3 after cyclists on the path get a green light to move forward.

No one was injured in the incident, but it highlights the danger posed by lorries at busy junctions.

The incident comes less than a month after the London Assembly unanimously voted in favour of banning lorries in the capital at rush hour. The move has come after Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) have been involved in numerous cyclist fatalities and serious injuries in London in recent years.

Statistics published last week by the Construction Industry Cycling Commission (CICC) showed that lorries were responsible for over half the deaths of cyclists in London between 2007 and 2014 despite only making up 3.5 per cent of total traffic. Seventy-five per cent of those incidents involving lorries occurred at junctions.

>>> Lorries involved in over half of London cyclist deaths, despite making up less than 4% of traffic

Seven of the eight cyclist deaths in London during 2015 have involved lorries.

Safety campaign group Stop Killing Cyclists organised a ‘die in’ outside Transport for London headquarters on Friday evening last week. The demonstration was to commemorate those cyclists who have died on London’s streets, as well as highlighting calls for policies to be put in place to protect cyclists.

  • ” Sarcasm Alert ” needed in your comment , since the daily fail brigade could lift your comment to justify their jaundiced one eyed view of Cyclists !

    ” Victim Blaming ” is the 21st Century way of dealing with the fact that just about EVERYBODY has adopted the “ME FIRST ” mentality !

    WHY comply with the Traffic Rules , when so many others do not ? Seems like in the UK , there are lower penalties for ” Hit & Run ” , than there are for remaining and facing the consequences ? Police will believe this Truck Driver, when he says ” Didn’t feel /see anyone touch the vehicle “! Even the Judiciary will see an incident from a personal point of view , even though PAID to implement the Laws in the Statute Book !

    No matter which part of the English speaking world that you happen to inhabit, Vulnerable Road Users are at the back of the queue when Facilities are built !

    Politicians MOUTH platitudes to win election , fully aware that they will renige as soon as they achieve office ! Look at that fair headed buffoon , seeking toi be PM in years to come ! Promised nearly GBP1 Billion , yet money drawn down against the promised projects , mostly gets returned to Treasury UNSPENT !

    Behaviours in a workplace that would be prosecuted by the H & SE with “Corporate Manslaughter ” charges , do not apply to TFL Operations ! WHY can a Transport Agency be allowed to behave in this way ? Meeting “TimeTables ” used as an excuse for Speeding and running Red Lights , or in the case of the truck depicted in this article , is JUST NOT ACCEPTABLE!

    HOW can ANY Employer ” SACK an Employee ” for obeying Traffic Laws ?

    More Employers charged with Corporate Manslaughter Charges , will quickly sort out the ” she”ll be right mate ” attitude now prelevant on WorldWide Roads !

  • theplacidcasual

    Definitely a Brass Eye-esque spoof video. The lorry driver went through on “Racing Green” which is permissible if your vehicle weighs in excess of 10-tonnes and can deliver a clean kill. Besides, no self-respecting cyclist would ever take precautions like stopping at a red light. The guy with the luminous ninja turtle shell is clearly a plant and not a real cycle commuter. All cyclists love the smell of death in their nostrils. Fact.

  • gjh

    Only cyclist jump red lights according to the Daily Mail- this must be a spoof video

  • ummm…

    this happens with cars and trucks every day in nyc. Red is a yellow to city drivers. London seems to have a really hard time with it though, maybe because of the narrower streets? I can say cycling in London was really really intense, much more so than NYC