The Stowaway sees bikes winched up to the ceiling and out of the way

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched for a revolutionary new bicycle storage system.

The Stowaway, which is aiming to raise crowdfunding of €100,000 (£70,300) by Christmas Day, uses a pulley system to winch bicycles out of the way, above head height in domestic spaces.

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Stowaway bike storage 1

The storage solution has been developed to combat the combined problems of bicycle theft and limited living space in urban areas.

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Hoisting the bike out the way on the ceiling is certainly a good idea, but you’d have to be quite brave to sit under it however secure it is.

Stowaway bike storage 2

The maximum weight the storage system can take isn’t shown on the campaign page, but by the looks of the video it will cope fine with a pretty standard road bike. It’s probably worth checking before hoisting up your Dutch shopper, though.

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If put into full scale production the Stowaway may be the solution urban cyclists have been looking for to free up hallways and avoid thefts.

  • Jwiffle

    Hosts have been popular for use in garages, etc. for years. This one just hangs the bike sideways instead of upright. Can definitely see its usefulness in some garages or store rooms. Probably not in the living room as pictured, but still a worthy product.

  • J1

    It would close the room in a bit.

  • eminusx

    yeah absolutely, it actually works, it would be perfect in the garage, out of the way of the car and everything else, just not everybody has a garage!

    There seem to be a lot of people trying to capitalise on cycling recent popularity with stuff like this, its a good thing, there will eventually be enough products out there to make everybody happy, even wingers like me 🙂

  • Matthew Benger

    Can’t fault them for trying though, but I reckon that one is a miss!

  • eminusx

    would drive the other half completely sideways!

    Back to the drawing board i think!

  • Matthew Benger

    Totally agree, also the tyres against white walls… No matter how well you clean your bike that’s going to leave a mark!

  • eminusx

    why would you want to make your living room look like a dockers yard with a pulley system sticking out of the wall! Not what you’d call an ‘elegant’ solution.

    Yes, technically it works, and using the dead space above our heads is a great idea, but its an eyesore and hasn’t been designed with any sympathy for its surroundings. This would be a big turn off for a lot of people I’m afraid.