Innovative BeeLine GPS navigation system launches on Kickstarter

With the BeeLine navigation system you simply plug in your destination and it points you towards it - the route from there is up to you


Earlier this year we brought you an early look at a prototype of a revolutionary GPS navigation device that gets you to your destination by simply pointing you in the right direction.

BeeLine is the brainchild of Mark Jenner and Tom Putnam and is designed to put cyclists back in control of their journeys, rather than following a fixed route.

Putnam and Jenner are now looking to raise £60,000 to get their project further off the ground, with £30 enough to secure you one of the devices - a 50 per cent discount on its projected £60 RRP.

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Putnam, co-founder of BeeLine, added: “We have worked very hard on the design to ensure BeeLine slots seamlessly into a cyclist’s lifestyle.

"We’ve been working with electronic engineers and industrial design consultancy, Map Project Office, to get BeeLine to where it is today. Now we’re launching on Kickstarter to raise funds to go into mass production and we’re very excited to be bringing BeeLine to the Kickstarter community.”


A common scene when riding around a town you don't know too well, or a city so large that it's impossible to know every road, is stopping to have a look at a map on your phone.

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With the BeeLine, though, you simply plug in your destination on the Smartphone app and the device on your handlebars will point you in the right direction and tells you the distance to your end point. Your route from there is up to you.

Beeline 3

The prototype product looks great as well - small, sleek and something that wouldn't look out of place on your handlebars. When it's not attached to your bike it doubles up as a keyring, so you can even use it while walking.

Check out the BeeLine Kickstarter page and get donating. We'll be having a look at a prototype soon, so we'll report back on how it performs.

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