Next generation of Dura-Ace could feature a completely silent freehub

If Shimano’s product cycles are following their usual pattern, then we should be due a new Dura-Ace groupset at some point this year. As usual Shimano is keeping very tight-lipped on what could be updated, but a patent application by the Japanese giant might give a glimpse of what we can expect.

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The patent shows a freehub design which could see Shimano’s top-of-the-range groupset operate in complete silence, and eliminate much of the resistance in the rear wheel when you’re not pedalling, letting you go faster than ever downhill.

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The patent drawings, which have been published on Bike Rumor, show a system with a redesigned interface between the hub and the freehub mechanism, with the ratchet rings between the two being spring-loaded, meaning that they retract away from each other when you’re not pedalling.

However, when you are pedalling the ratchet rings are pushed back together, with the grooves on the two rings reengaging.

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All that is very, well but it’s important to note that not all patents make it into a finished product, so it could be the case that we never see this clever device on the market. And this could well happen in this instance, as the patent drawings show a design with only 10-sprockets.

So we’ll just have to wait and see what Shimano has in store for us, with a product announcement expected some time in the next few months.

  • ronboi

    More speed downhill,,,,,, I only spend 5% of the time going down hill, and about 55% of the time going uphill. I need more speed UP, not down. Back to the squat rack folks!!!

  • richard

    Not in York they don’t .. Plus well over 80% wear headphones .. Plus Dura acr isn’t really aimed at the level of cycle that are using the odd mixed use cycle path I think is the point I was originally making .. In those instances whilst the occasional pedestrian may be made aware of your presence by a very loud freehub .. Most would need a bell or a polite excuse me .. And a fair few need even more.

  • Jay Dee

    It isn’t “nonsense”. Pedestrians hear my hub and kindly move.

  • Hyun-ji Song

    Certainly works for me Richard..

  • Stevo

    Why so rude?

  • Altimis Nuel

    What about rumor 105 Di2 ?

  • Mike Williams

    Works for me with my DT Swiss 240s hubs.

  • ron draycott

    Still hideous

  • richard

    Thought u didn’t have a bell,, ! Even a hope hub wouldn’t warn most other cyclists or pedestrians .. What utter nonsense

  • Hyun-ji Song

    I actually find it practical, as I don’t have a bell on my roadbike, and it does get people to “know” I’m coming up behind them without obnoxiously using my bell.

  • blemcooper

    Wow, could this start trending things away from “loud == good” freewheeling? I certainly prefer my bikes to be quiet.