Shimano Evolve Wind bib tights review

These tights are designed for the worst conditions and the lowest temperatures, but possibly not for the smoothest looks

Shimano Wind Evolve bib tights
(Image credit: Simon Smyth)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Evolve Wind bib tights do exactly what Shimano intends them to do – keep out the wind – and are comfortable, durable and not ridiculously expensive compared to rival premium tights. I didn’t get on with the two-way zip and some people might not like the look of the wrinkling around the edges of the windproof panels, but this is a good pair of deep-winter tights.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Very warm, windproof panels

  • +

    High bib front for extra insulation

  • +

    Thick, comfortable chamois

  • +


Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Two way zip creates a lump

  • -

    Untidy-looking wrinkles

  • -

    Flatlock seams frayed slightly after multiple washes

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The Shimano Evolve Wind bib tights are seriously heavy duty. In fact, it needs to be really wintry or they can be a bit too warm if you’re riding hard. But as soon as the north wind starts to blow in earnest and the sleet sweeps in, these tights, with their multi-fabric, multi-layer, fleece-backed construction, are the perfect defence. With the excellent Evolve pad, which is thicker than many and perfect for longer rides, they're a formidable winter weapon.

The two-way zip isn't quite in the right place for me, and they're not quite right in the looks department due to a bit of unsightly wrinkling, but for really cold weather they're great.

Shimano Evolve Wind bib tights: construction

On the front of the thighs is a dual-layer water and wind-resistant fabric with a slightly shiny surface that really does keep out the weather. This large panel extends from the hip, covers the outside of the thighs and wraps around to protect the front of the knee. Shimano says it’s a durable water repellent fabric (rather than treatment) that retains its efficiency after multiple washes. Having worn these tights through the worst of last winter, I would agree with that.

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To the rear of these two panels and below the knees is a softer, stretchier fabric that’s less windproof and waterproof – fine for the areas that are either out of the wind or benefiting from an under layer of socks.

The entire tights section is fleece-backed and feels very snug next to the skin.

Shimano Evolve Wind bib tights front

The bib has a high front, which is great for extra insulation, but I wasn’t so sure about the two-way zip with its lower puller that forms a small lump just above a sensitive zone. I did experience some rubbing from it one time when it joined forces with the hem of a base layer, but just like the fit of a garment, these things can be individual and down to the wearer’s morphology.

The raw-cut straps are comfortable, sitting nice and flat on the shoulders, while a mesh back is designed to wick away moisture, which it does well.

Shimano Evolve Wind bib tights cuffs

The cuffs are zipless, and the seams above them are able to withstand considerable stretching. Personally I prefer a zipless elastic cuff for the cleaner interface with overshoes and these fitted well and were comfortable. Unfortunately, however, I did manage to tear a small section of the stitching in the rear seam by pulling them on too vigorously, which is always the danger with zipless cuffs and something I wouldn’t say was a fault with the Shimano tights.

The fit of the medium was as expected for 178cm and 69kg. Due to the thickness of the windproof panels, there was a small amount of wrinkling at the sides of the knee and just under the kneecap.

Reflective detailing is discreet but works fine.

Shimano Evolve Wind bib tights: the ride

As I’ve mentioned, these are very warm tights, probably too warm if the temperature is above about 8°C and you’re riding reasonably hard. Shimano doesn't supply a recommended temperature range, but for genuine winter endurance riding and slower-paced non-drop group rides, they are superb down to zero.

Shimano Evolve Wind bib tights back

I found the Evolve pad very comfortable, and crucially it stayed in the right place. For winter riding, which is traditionally longer and slower, a thick chamois is good. After multiple wash cycles and long rides it has stayed thick, too.

Yes, £179.99 is a lot of money to pay for tights, but it’s a whole £60 less than the Assos Mille GT Ultraz and £50 less than the Santini Adapt (review to come).

With these tights now into their second winter, I can attest to the durability of the Shimano Evolve bib tights: apart from my sticking a thumb though one of the seams and the flatlocked seams looking slightly frayed, they’re prettty good, the fabric on the fronts of the legs is still water resistant despite multiple washes and the chamois is as thick as ever, making them reasonably good value.

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