When it's a Twitter feud between Piers Morgan and Lance Armstrong, it's difficult to know which side to take

It’s all kicking off on Twitter between Piers Morgan and Lance Armstrong and it’s not often we find ourselves siding with the Texan.

Morgan, the former editor of the Daily Mirror, isn’t one to hold back on his thoughts on Twitter, often invoking minor online riots with some of his beliefs.

But when he called cyclists ‘cretinous busy-bodies’, Armstrong was one of the thousands of people to call the former American talk show host out.

The indifference between the pair goes back a fair while, with Morgan calling Armstrong “the biggest cheat in sporting history” in a tweet after the publication of USADA’s Reasoned Decision on the former cyclist’s doping past.

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Morgan said at the time that he would have loved to have interviewed Armstrong, but the Texan “hasn’t got the guts”, with Oprah Winfrey getting the exclusive interview instead.

Morgan’s CNN chat show was cancelled in 2014 due to poor ratings, but it sounds like he could have some kind of hidden camera show in the making, with cyclists in the leading roles.

  • Viagro2

    Don’t take any side, they both cheated. (check out Piers Morgan past)

  • reece46

    Just remind yourself why he’s not welcome here any more – sacked for tarnishing the British army with faked torture photos to sell a few more Daily Mirrors. He should think about that every time he uses the word cretinous.

  • David Chadderton

    Maybe my deliberate play on names was too devious.

  • megawattmuppetcrusher

    If I were Lance, I would have followed up Piers post ‘Suspect my schedule is busier than yours champ’ with I dont think so Piers. Have you seen your wife much lately?

  • Chris

    Glamorgan (Penarth) pier is a rather splendid and classy structure. Unfortunately the subject (or rather object) of this story reminds me more of Wigan Pier, which is famous for being a Music Hall joke!

  • hougie

    you cant win 7 tdfs without being a monster doping or not. he destroyed men in triathalon when he was a teenager. Ask Farari about Lance’s potential prior to doping he never would have had him as a client if he didn’t have the potential. People forget that after cancer his upper body weight loss gave him a more favorable ratio to climb. He trained hard. And yes the added octane in the system was a boost. But the guys next to him also on epo and test didn’t have his determination and will to win either.

  • jules

    he was a junior triathlete as a teenager and an absolute gun, racing against the elite pros. he is a massively talented endurance athlete, but also a cheat.

  • Stevo

    TdF stage win plus world championship road race win in first full season as a professional is fairly special, I reckon.

  • Tim Beasley

    I agree with your assessment of Morgan, but as for Armstrong, he was nothing special before he started on the PEDs.

  • Stevo

    Yes. “Acrimony” was the one that occurred to me.

  • Steve S

    It’s not about car drivers and cyclists, it’s about normal people and the idiots who ruin things for the rest of us. Some drivers are tools, and the same percentage of cyclists are too. It’s people..

    “Most” cyclists don’t misbehave or break the rules, and “most” car drivers aren’t hoons either. You just feed your prejudices with the ones that are.

  • Steve S

    Cons: Cheated to win 7 TDFs and bullied anyone who stood up to him.
    Pros: Absolute beast on a bike, world class athlete regardless of PEDs, trained like a demon, and inspired a lot of people affected by cancer.

    Cons: Absolute talentless tool, cnn show was a disaster, now promotes himself by getting into spats on twitter and defending his d-list cronies.
    Pros: None.

    I think I’m on Lance’s side.

  • John Westwell

    And motorists never break the law?

  • ron draycott

    Hasn’t anyone arrested him for phone hacking yet?

  • ReturnOfTheWazz

    Piers Morgan IS a helmet.

  • NitroFan

    Piers Morgan’s opinions are worth precisely as much as his word.

  • MegaFalloutFan

    I dont care for both of them, but Morgan is 100% right.
    Drive around a city with high amount of cyclists and see how horribly Most of them behave AND break the rules!

  • Rupert the Super Bear

    You know I’m beginning to warm to this Lance Armstrong guy….

  • bod

    No. They’re clearly not indifferent towards each other. Animosity or antipathy would be more accurate.
    Trolling isn’t the right word either.

  • Stevo

    What does that mean?

    “The indifference between the pair goes back quite a while” sounds as if they once felt something for each other but lost interest some time ago.

  • @grayvelo

    0-0 draw

  • Chris F

    Can one be violently indifferent? Seems like yes.

  • Del_Varner

    One of those situations where you would like both sides to lose.

  • Simon E

    This from a rampant self-publicist and so-called ‘journalist’ who has spent his life being rather cretinous and certainly a busy-body? Ha ha.

    But in a way he wins, as he’s definitely getting the attention he craves 🙁

  • Va G

    I am pretty disappointed. If Morgan believes such thinks about cyclists, I shall quit cycling effective immediately.

  • Rich

    how childish

  • Stevo

    Is “indifference” the right word here?

  • J1

    I suspect he’d catch half as many cyclists acting as badly as car drivers do….but then again he’s in London isn’t he….

  • Chris

    Much as I despise L.A. for what he has done, he is considerably higher in my popularity stakes than Piers Morgan

  • Texas Roadhouse

    a Go-Pro on his helmet??? Must be a micro-cam then.