Hollywood actor and cycling fan Harrison Ford chooses UK brand Genesis as his bike of choice

There are many celebrities that like cycling. Harrison Ford, of Star Wars and Indiana Jones fame, must be one of the most famous.

When in the UK last year to film the latest instalment in the Star Wars saga, Episode VII, Ford was photographed riding around London on what looked like a 2014 model of the Genesis Croix de Fer.

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Based on a recent Twitter post by Genesis UK it looks like Ford had a mishap necessitating a replacement frame. It begs the questions whether he put too much “force” through the frame?

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As a result of his ‘mishap’ Ford requested a replacement frame from Helen’s Bikes in Santa Monica. The man himself was on hand to pick up the delivery and Genesis got hold of the picture of its successful arrival.

With an entire galaxy of bikes out there to choose from, it is good to see that Ford is be a big fan of steel frames and the classic stylings of the Genesis Croix de Fer.

  • Chas R

    Genesis do a lifetime guarantee on their frames to the original owners.

  • Namothy

    Actually, the store does not stock Genesis and Harrison Ford broke his Crois De Fer when he broke his leg riding it last year. The frame had to specially ordered. Genesis used the store’s picture by sharing it (who wouldn’t) but it’s most certainly not an advertisement as you cannot even buy the bike or the frame from that store.

  • mcmahonsport

    My Genesis Croix de Fer has 5,000 miles on the clock and is on it’s fourth bottom bracket, the rear hanger is bent (due to use apparently), the wheel bearings go loose after a few hundred miles and this–I’m told is normal. Beat’s me how they got the around the world record on it, mine wouldn’t have got to the Cote d’Azure.

    The bike shop bent the hanger back!

    In contrast, my 10 year old Kona Deluxe Road Bike has 10,000’s of miles on the clock and is still running the original gear without complaint.

  • J1

    The richer and famous you get, the more free stuff you get.

    He has good taste choosing Genesis, not sure why he did out of all the manufacturers out there but still, it’s a great British brand that make some quality bikes.

  • Dan

    Not hard to figure out why, free advertising. Plenty of folks that hadn’t heard of genesis have been exposed to the brand.

  • sepat B18C

    i call that marketing strategy ..

  • @chivers67

    Really? They do a lovely Titanium frame I’m not sure why he’d not want one of those over Steel!

  • Michael Lee McRoy

    Advertisement I had not heard of this brand before now i have.

  • DP

    Why is it only the famous get this kind of treatment from companies. I mean don’t we all buy the same products?