David Millar gave Scotland its first Commonwealth Games gold medal on the road, winning the men’s time trial on Wednesday to add to his road race bronze and World Championships TT silver.

Pre-race favourite Millar obliterated the opposition with a blistering ride on the flat out-and-back test against the clock on the Noida Expressway, clocking 47 minutes and 18.66 seconds over 40km in sizzling temperatures.

A stiff tailwind on the opening half of the race assisted Millar in covering the first 20km under 21 minutes, an average of 57.2 km/h.

European under-23 time trial champion Alex Dowsett (England) put in a very strong ride to win silver – England’s first time trial medal at the Games. Dowsett has been signed from the Trek-LiveStrong development squad to Team Sky for 2011.

Luke Durbridge completed the podium with bronze, and gave Australia its only medal of the final day of cycling at the Games.

Michael Hutchinson (Northern Ireland) finished just off the podium in fourth, two minutes and 14 seconds adrift of Millar. 

Scotland’s Evan Oliphant put down the early marker with a time of 52-13.12 before the top-seeded riders started to arrive. Oliphant eventually finished a creditable 11th.

Australia top the cycling medal table, having won 14 of the available 18 gold medals on the track and road. Millar’s gold moved Scotland up to equal third place with Malaysia behind New Zealand. England finished sixth, having failed to win a single gold medal.

Commonwealth Games 2010, men’s time trial: 40km
1. David Millar (Sco) in 47-18.66

2. Alex Dowsett (Eng) at 54.82 secs
3. Luke Durbridge (Aus) at 1-00.56
4. Michael Hutchinson (NI) at 2-14.24
5. Chris Froome (Eng) at 2-20.17
6. Rohan Dennis (Aus) at 3-02.90
7. Zachary Bell (Can) at 3-16.76
8. Jack Bauer (NZ) at 3-29.85
9. Jesse Sergent (NZ) at 51-34.01
10. Roth Ryan (Can) at 52-09.53
11. Evan Oliphant (Sco) at 52-13.12

Intermediate time check, 20km
1. David Millar (Sco) in 20-59.59

2. Alex Dowsett (Eng) at 3.14 secs
3. Luke Durbridge (Aus) at 9.96 secs
4. Rohan Dennis (Aus) at 30.98 secs
5. Michael Hutchinson (NI) at 32.06 secs
6. Jesse Sergent (NZ) at 41.75 secs
7. Chris Froome (Eng) at 45.59 secs
8. Gordon McCauley (NZ) at 59.1 secs

Commonwealth Games 2010: Cycling disciplines final medal table


 Gold Silver Bronze Total

Australia 14 3 4 21
New Zealand 1 7 3 11
Malaysia 1 1 1 3
Scotland 1 1 1 3
Canada 1 0 4 5
England 0 4 2 6
Northern Ireland 0 1 1 2
Wales 0 1 1 2
Isle of Man 0 0 1 1

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  • Michael Mace

    Well done David Miller and what a superb end to his season. His ride in the Commenwealth Games T.T. was to me perfection in time trailing.
    Please, stop moaning about Team Sky.
    After many years we have a British Team to cheer for in all the big races so get out and cheer them on.

  • Alan Rawlinson

    A great result, David; a well-deserved gold after all your efforts and achievements. There will be detractors, but in my eyes and the eyes of many others you’ve overcome your doubts and proved the worth you always showed. I hope there is more to come.

  • Andy D

    To be fair, you’re blaming Team Sky when it was down t the riders themselves whether they went or not.
    Geraint Thomas had a clear reason not to go,
    Wiggins had a long season and was well below his best,
    The others are young or upcoming riders.
    Hats off to DM for a great ride though, compare his finishing time vs his split to the other riders – spot on.
    Great ride by Alex Dowsett – payback for the Worlds’.
    Well done to Hutch too – best of the rest, shame about the TV coverage (lack of!)

  • Mike

    I agree.
    David Millar rode all the grand Tours, I think. Plus the worlds, plus the Commonwealth.
    Team Sky riders? Well the poor things must be tired after such a hard season. Wimps.
    Dave has re invented himself and gone fron being a pariah to quite a hero in my eyes.
    Cycling is a hard mans, and womens, sport, I think Team Sky should be ashamed of themselves.
    A Pro Cycling team to represent Britain? they are having a laugh.
    Well done Dave. Respect.

  • Ken Evans

    “Australia top the cycling medal table,
    having won 14 of the available 18 gold medals on the track and road”

    14 / 18 = 78 %

    Lack of opposition, eg TeamSky riders.