Product Overview

Overall rating:

Score 7


  • Light weight
  • Well fitting


  • Very expensive


Adidas AdiStar long sleeve jersey


Price as reviewed:


Coming with the iconic three stripes in bright yellow, much needed on an otherwise dark design, the long-sleeve summer AdiStar is said to give the comfort of a stage race jersey and the aerodynamic efficiency of a skinsuit.

On test, the lightweight mixture of the MITI, polyamide and elastane one-piece ‘Bolero’ fabric was figure-hugging, yet still comfortable and unrestrictive.

Thanks to its long sleeves, we were tempted to pay no heed to the summer element of the jersey and wear it on cooler days. In reality, anything under 15°C and we still felt the chill.


It's perfect for early morning and late evening summer rides, but the price is staggering so we've docked two points.

  • Ant R

    How on earth does it justify that sort of price tag? I find cycling clothing and accessories ridiculously overpriced, and this item ices the cake. Once the ‘cycling boom’ firmly entrenched itself thanks to Sir Bradley etc. Suppliers seem to have been given carte blanche to overcharge the mostly naive cycling enthusiast into shelling out their hard earned cash on products extremely disproportionate to their price. I don’t care less that it sports a lightweight mixture of the MITI, polyamide and elastane one-piece Bolero fabric. Like that will make me a more comfortable rider!!!
    Recommendation: Good for posers sitting outside cafes with more money than sense. 1 star awarded has it made me laugh.