Product Overview

Overall rating:

Score 6


  • Good all round fit


  • Expensive
  • Lack of moisture protection


Assos thermo S7 bootie


Price as reviewed:


A mix of fabrics is good and bad with these Assos overshoes.

The stretchier, non-windproof upper and rear elements mean that these fit very well indeed, but sensitive feet will feel the difference in protection offered.

As well as the stretch, the panel shape helps with the fit and puts little stress on the zip.

A solid affair that clicks nicely closed and refuses to slip down accidentally.


Spending this much for an overshoe that offers little protection against moisture is only for the rider who has everything.

  • Robin

    I agree with your verdict. The overshoe offers no protection against the wet nor the cold as it turns out. The fit isn’t very good either, loose material in the fore foot area. A very disappointing item. I have to say I think your 3 star rating is generous. 1 star would be more appropriate.