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Lezyne S-Caddy tool bag


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The Lezyne S-Caddy has a host of compartments to house your spares and keep everything organised. We managed to fit an inner tube, tyre lever and CO2 cartridge with head into the main compartment with relative ease, with a multi-tool stuffed in for good measure. There is a small Velcro compartment underneath the bag for a multitool but it’s only sealed with Velcro, leaving it fairly open to the elements.

Fitment is simple with two Velcro straps looping around the saddle rails and a third securing the bag around the seatpost. The only complaint is that when the bag is stuffed and a little weighty, the Velcro did let go a couple of times around the rails especially after about six months’ use and being swapped between bikes.


Well designed and easy to use, but Velcro isn't perhaps the best choice for straps when the bag is full and the weather is bad.


Supplier:Upgrade bikes,
Pros:Lots of compartments Easy to fit with Velcro straps
Cons:Velcro can wear after months of use
  • Michael

    I took one of these back to my LBS after the seatpost velcro tab-end rubbed on the top inside leg (near a potentially very uncomfortable place) of a pair of very expensive Etxeondo tights and made a hole in about an hour. The man at the LBS then had exactly the same experience. This product is best avoided, I think.

  • Gavin

    As mentioned the straps don’t hold the bag to the bike and therefore it is useless. Don’t they test these things? I returned mine.

  • simon schofield

    Lezyne stuff is usually great – but as the CW review says, velcro straps on this bag are an unwise choice, to put it mildly. I’ve used this bag for 2-3 months now and in short the velcro straps simply don’t work. They now come unhooked on every ride, leaving the bag full of expensive goodies clinging on by the seatpost strap. Lezyne – this bag needs a complete re-think.