Continental GP 4000 S II tyre review

A longstanding favourite that's quick enough to race but resilient enough for the everyday - Continental's flag ship tyre is constantly improving

Editor's Choice: Continental GP 4000 S II tyre review

If the Continental Grand Prix clincher tyres were once the reliable best mate to every cyclist, then the newest Continental GP 4000 S II tyre's are its younger, hotter sibling.

Boasting an improved compound, a selection of sidewall hues and extra width, the gold standard in all-rounder is the obvious choice for the 2017 Editors Choice awards... 

The Continental Grand Prix tyre has long been a flagship tyre, so it's seen multiple facelifts as the brand has aimed to make the almost-best the absolute-best.

It's always been a race ready rubber shield, but puncture protection and resilience haven't been left on the subs bench hence the tyre's popularity.

The latest iteration of the clincher tyre - the Continental GP 4000 S II tyre - sees Continental move with the trend of ever increasing tyre width. Whilst 25c is by far the most popular option at present, Conti has catered for all with the introduction of a 28mm option which will suit those looking to transverse rutted terrain or seeking better grip in the wet.

Continental GP 4000 S II tyres

BlackChili compound now promises lower rolling resistance and improved resilience

Continental has also developed its famous BlackChili compound, which promotes grip, but it now promises lower rolling resistance and improved resilience to master greater milage.

What sets the GP's apart from other race tyres, which also offer impeccable grip, is the incorporation of the Vectran Breaker.

The expertly designed layer within these tyres acts as an intermediate between the sharp outside objects and the inner tube within.

Of course, it's always possible to slice open and puncture any tyre on a first ride, (it's sods law) but the likelihood is much lower on these. We've managed entire summer seasons rolling on these with no punctures - and only a handful of flats when running them even in winter.

Though not the winners when it comes to rolling resistance, research suggests that when combined with aerodynamics, at over 35kph, these might even be the fastest, thanks to the tread pattern playing a role.

Sure, there are tyres that can boast a more supple rubber and lower rolling resistance that could save you 1.5watts - but these offer an almost-perfect ride quality coupled with a significantly reduced likelihood if spending time beside the road fixing punctures.

The price? £49.99 a tyre - but we bet you can find a deal out there somewhere.

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