Can you hit these 11 off-the-bike fitness and health benchmarks?

Throwing down almost a dozen strength, flexibility and health benchmarks, we dare you pedalling specialists to put some numbers on your all-round athleticism

Female cyclist holding a plank position
(Image credit: Future)

We get it. You’re a cyclist – you enjoy riding your bike, not picking up and putting down heavy objects. But bear with us. Strength and flexibility training really does benefit cycling performance for all types of rider – research has shown it time and again.

The biggest gains are made by cyclists who target their weaknesses and work towards objective targets. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of 11 key exercises, split into four categories, with benchmark targets for each. Start gradually, work on each one over the winter, and we promise you’ll notice the benefit once the spring sunshine returns.

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Chris Marshall-Bell

A freelance sports journalist and podcaster, you'll mostly find Chris's byline attached to news scoops, profile interviews and feature writing across a variety of different publications. He has been writing regularly for Cycling Weekly since 2013.

Previously a ski, hiking and cycling guide in a number of places, but mostly in the Canadian Rockies and Spanish Pyrenees, he almost certainly holds the record for the most number of interviews conducted from snowy mountains.

He lives in Valencia, Spain.