It’s ‘E-Bike’ week on Cycling Weekly - join us for a week of electric bike tips, advice and know-how

From 22nd to 26th May, here at Cycling Weekly, we’ll be sharing a host of guides and explainers to help electric bike owners - or prospective owners - get the very most from their machines

Male cyclist riding an electric bike in a city
(Image credit: Getty Images - Sterling Lorence Photo)

For pretty much whatever type of riding you’re into, there is an e-bike equivalent to help you cover the ground that bit more quickly and efficiently. This week, we’re celebrating all sorts of electric bike riding with a whole host of tips, tricks and advice on how to get the most from your e-bike

For city cyclists in particular, e-bikes are a great way of boosting your ability to get from A to B - whether that’s going further than you’d otherwise be able to, or arriving at your destination that bit more comfortable than if you rode a pedal-powered bike. These are the key benefits of riding an electric bike - but there’s plenty more besides! 

For those just starting out, the range of choices and considerations can feel a little dizzying though - what’s actually the best electric bike for my kind of riding? How far can you ride an e-bike on a single charge? 

We’ll run you through everything you need to know about electric bikes before you purchase, and electric bike batteries too.

E-bike motors vary greatly, with the most significant differences relating to the weight distribution and motor torque - we’ll run you through the anatomy of an e-bike motor for all the technical details, as well as guide you through how to choose an e-bike motor for your needs.

Find our round up of the best electric bikes for every kind of riding over here. If you already know you want a specific bike style, we have dedicated guides on those - whether you're looking for the best electric gravel bike for its all-terrain capability and confidence-inspiring stability, or the best electric folding bike for carrying on trains and buses, or easy storage. 

Beyond just purchase considerations, check out our advice on how to maintain an e-bike to keep yours perfectly functioning. 

The rules for storing an electric bike are pretty simple, although there are a few dos and don'ts which we run through in our guide on how to store an e-bike.

For more advice check out more of the content we already have published below, and we'll be adding links to the other pieces when they go live this week…


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