The best food for endurance cycling - here’s what to eat and drink before, during and after

What to eat before, during and after endurance rides to avoid ‘bonking’ and maximise your cycling fitness gains

Male cyclist eating an energy bar during an endurance bike ride
(Image credit: Future)

Cycling nutrition is a difficult thing to get right for shorter rides, let alone the longer outings. The last thing we want to experience is the dreaded ‘bonk’ on an endurance ride, especially when far away from home, and ideally we want to limit the pain in our legs that we feel the next day. So how do we fuel properly for rides that are longer than 3.5 hours?

To find out more about the best food and nutritional approach for endurance cycling, we spoke with Dr Emily Jevons, a Lecturer in Nutrition at the University of Chester and a Physiology and Nutrition Consultant. She is an expert in sports nutrition, eating disorders, and endurance sport.

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