I lowered my body fat by 4.4% after using a nutrition app for 7 weeks

Could a smartphone app be the key to hitting your nutritional needs and reaching your riding goals?

Male cyclist holding his smartphone with a nutrition app open
(Image credit: Future)

I knew I was in trouble when my belly started squashing against my quads while on the drops. It was during an early new year ride that I first noticed it, a ride that also felt unreasonably challenging, given it was just a brief potter around my local Cotswold hills. Christmas had craftily gifted me a generous portion of belly-fat while robbing me of a chunk of fitness. 

It wasn’t entirely Santa’s fault. I don’t mind riding in miserable weather, but I draw the line at ice. The icy conditions in December and January left me sitting forlornly on my rollers spinning out recovery rides from non-existent efforts. 

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