I'm a nutritionist - these are the five supplements for cyclists that actually boost your performance

There are stacks of powders, pills and potions that carry plenty of marketing but little scientific backing – here are the five supplements supported by robust research that could really help you go faster

cyclist mixes whey protein shake
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Each month sees the emergence of new drinks, powders and pills promising ever-greater performance gains. The options are endless and, unless you have access to a sports nutritionist, pinpointing which supplements for cyclists actually work can feel like an impossible task. 

Anita Bean, author of The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition, investigates the five products which, according to the 2018 consensus statement by the International Olympic Committee, are supported by peer-reviewed research and may offer performance enhancement. 

Author Anita Bean
Anita Bean

Anita Bean is an award-winning registered nutritionist, health writer, internationally published author and former British bodybuilding champion. She is accredited by the Association for Nutrition (AfN) and specialises in sport and exercise nutrition.

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Anita Bean
Nutritionist & Author

Anita Bean is an award-winning registered nutritionist, internationally published author, health writer and former British bodybuilding champion. She specialises in sport and exercise nutrition and is passionate about helping athletes improve their performance in training and competition. She is the author of The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition and The Vegan Athlete’s Cookbook and has written for Good Housekeeping, Waitrose Food and Women’s Running. Anita is also the nutritionist for RideLondon and the London Marathon. A strong advocate of an active lifestyle, Anita enjoys cycling, yoga, hiking and strength training.