The truth about detraining: How quickly do you lose fitness when you stop cycling?

Detraining is something that professional cyclists do on purpose, but it's a practice that should be entered into with a full knowledge of the facts, explains cycling coach Zach Nehr

There are countless reasons that you would take a break from cycling. Some are forced, such as the result of a crash, injury, or illness. Sometimes it just comes down to priorities, and family stress or a job change comes first. Other times we are simply burnt out, we’ve been chugging along for years, and the bike doesn’t bring us the joy it used to.

No need to fear – taking a break from cycling is a normal occurrence in the life of a cyclist, and one that many argue promotes longevity rather than hampers it. Top professionals take 1-2 months off every year, and sometimes even more. This is the time for a reset, both physically and mentally, and there is nothing wrong with that.

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