‘Why are you alone?’: I’m a solo female tourer, everyone wants to know where my husband is, but I've encountered incredible kindness

After several months cycling round Turkey and Europe, with many miles still ahead of her, Isobel Duxfield reflects on her trip thus far

Isobel Duxfield on her touring trip
(Image credit: Isoblel Duxfield)

"Why are you alone?" Asked the Turkish policeman as he pulled me over to the side of the road. We were 1500m up in the remote Anatolian mountains and this was not exactly what I had expected to greet me at the top of the steep climb, but I dutifully parked my bike and did my best to explain myself. 

"I am cycling to England," I replied to the puzzled officer.

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 Isobel Duxfield is currently a freelance journalist and consultant on gender equal mobility for several public sector organisations. She previously worked in Brussels for a sustainable mobility network.