Best time trial and triathlon helmets 2024: we test them so you don't have to

Data scientist Tom Epton, takes you through some options for a TT lid to help you get the most out of this summer’s efforts

TT helmet HJC
(Image credit: Tom Epton)

Just take a second to reflect on how much time trial helmets have change over recent years. We've seen a shift from huge, heavy and poorly ventilated aerofoils to the stubbier, lighter and more breathable designs ruling the roost today.

Alongside a good skinsuit, a helmet that fits well and provides some aerodynamic benefit is an essential part of any time trial set-up. You may not be lining up at this year's Tour de France, but an aero optimised TT helmet  can help save you vital seconds against the clock.

Tom Epton
Freelance writer

Tom Epton is a freelance writer and data scientist. Originally training as a scientist after completing his studies in physics he realised that cycling was what he wanted to spend his life thinking about. Now he works with manufacturers, athletes and teams using cutting edge data science methods to find performance gains. Tom writes primarily about sport-science and tech!