Coming soon... Cycling Weekly Strava Challenge

global positioning system GPS

Strava fever is affecting us all. It's the website that allows you to track and share your fitness data via a GPS device and it's got riders all over the country competing in this fast-growing cyber network.

Even if you're not signed up you've probably experienced some half-wheeling or sporadic attacks from club mates who are targeting online segments.

It's changed the way many of us view our commutes, club rides or local climbs and now you can see how you fare on the CW Strava Climb of the Week as we take a regular snapshot of the top standings on a range of great British climbs.

Kicking things off with the one-in-six, cobbled Michaelgate climb as seen in the Lincoln GP, our Strava challenge may be coming to a town near you over the next 11 weeks, so keep an eye on the mag.

We'll record the kings and queens of the mountain each week and next up will be Box Hill, the Zig Zag road so if you're near the Olympic climb, get up there in the next week and see if you can secure a top 10 position.

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