Why gravel bikes with flat handlebars absolutely make perfect sense

It's time to stop hating on flat bar gravel bikes and embrace all bikes and all types of riders, says James Stout


The bottom half of the cycling internet really doesn’t like change. While gravel cycling has been upending the sport for close to a decade now, it's still a guarantee that almost any review of a drop-bar bike with a tyre wider than 40mm will elicit comparisons to 1990s mountain bikes.

If I suggest you get a dropper post, I will get actual emails, with paragraphs in them, explaining why I am wrong. These emails are received from people seemingly unaware that the rest of the planet sees us all, even the ones with full suspension gravel bikes, as grown adults exercising in our underwear. Cycling seems to be fanatically devoted to maintaining the smallest possible in-group of “worthy” bike riders.

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