Enjoy the ultimate cycling experience with Haute Route

The reputation as the world's most prestigious cycling events for amateurs is well earned - Promotional feature with Haute Route

Credit: Mathilde L'Azou / Haute Route
(Image credit: Mathilde L'Azou)

A huge team of marshalls keep every stage safe, with cyclists enjoying priority right-of-way at all times (Oliver Borgognon)

Ever since its inaugural ride in 2011, Haute Route has carved a reputation for offering amateurs the closest experience to the professional peloton that money can buy.

To begin, the organisers scout some of the most iconic locations in the world – and a few off the beaten track too. The 2019 calendar includes the best of the Alps, Pyrenees and Dolomites, as well as well as the Rockies, Asheville and Utah. But if you're looking to explore new terrain, you can also take on Haute Route events in Norway, Oman or even Mexico, where the climbs are equally tough, just a little less famous.

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But Haute Route's reputation is built on more than just the locations. The "ride like a pro" promise is fulfilled by market-leading levels of support from your private airport transfer on arrival right up to the euphoria of the finish line.

Mavic neutral service keep riders on the road (Manu Molle)

Every stage is timed and ranked, with hundreds of roadside marshalls securing your priority right-of-way. Just like the pros at the Tour, you'll receive mechanical assistance from Mavic neutral service, so a minor mishap needn't spoil your ride.

The aim is for you to concentrate on performing at your best and enjoying the experience of the world's best roads, so fully staffed feed zones along the route take the strain of keeping you fueled – and a professional photo and video service ensures that your ride is captured for posterity.

Aching muscles receive professional attention at the end of each challenging day (Jennifer Doohan)

After each leg of your three or seven-day ride, professional masseurs are on hand to aid your recovery. And when you've worked up an appetite, high-quality local and regional foods will be just the job to get you fit and firing for the next day.

With 13 events to enjoy across four continents, the 2019 Haute Route programme is more eye-catching and ambitious than ever before – but the level of commitment to a fully supported, pro-level experience hasn't diminished in the slightest.

So whether you're gunning for the podium or just challenging yourself to reach the finish, you know you'll have a ride to remember, in a location that's out of this world.

Book your entry now at hauteroute.org.

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