Gen Z is making cycling great again - and I couldn't be happier about it

Kick Gen-Z’s bad rep to the curb, they’ve given cycling a much-needed facelift, says Emmie Harrison-West

Joe Baker wheelies in a gravel bike
Gen-Z is embarcing the fun of cycling
(Image credit: Future)

I won’t lie but, growing up, I thought cycling was for middle-aged men with money.

For tanned, lean blokes who hit winding country roads on Sundays, clad in skin tight Lycra and atop snazzy road bikes. All to get away from their high-stress jobs and equally high-stress families. 

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Emmie Harrison-West
Freelance journalist

Emmie Harrison-West is a freelance journalist, editor and award-winning beer writer. You can find her cursing Edinburgh's cycle lanes on the way to the pub, or as @emmieehw on X.