15 of the funniest things seen by cyclists out on the road

Cyclists tell us about some of the strange, odd, unusual and funny things they have seen when out for a bike ride

Cyclists often encounter the oddest things when out on a ride. Strange abandoned objects by the roadside, people dressed in unusual clothes, and even other cyclists.

We recently asked Cycling Weekly readers to tell us about the funniest thing they had ever seen on a ride. Here are a selection of answers, brought to you in association with Decathlon.

We have to be honest, though, some of the answers weren't quite fit for publication.

What is the funniest thing you've ever seen while out cycling? Let us know in the comment box below.

Oh my god, that was a human skull in that field?! Stopped my bike to investigate. Looked over the gate. Bloody hell it is, it is a human skull. Climbed the gate and waded through the mud in my new white cycling shoes shaking with fear and anticipation… it was a turnip. Time to visit the optician I think.

Bryan Tait

Old farmer’s wife standing naked at her window. Must've been in her 80's. Almost crashed into a hedge. The hazards of early Sunday morning country rides.

Pete McCormick


This young lady out for a 10km mtb unicycle ride... she had a grin a mile wide. Which after all is what cycling is all about. Devils Punchbowl cycle path, Surrey.

Chris Parker

Out cycling with some friends last summer we bumped into 50 Elvises and a Smurf, all riding bicycles down the canal towpath.

Mike Burke


On my mountain bike one day in the Galloway forest, and was getting a horrible feeling of being watched. I ended up with the fright of my life when a whole squad of army in full camo gear was hiding in the woods next to me on exercise. 10/10 for the camo... genuinely didn’t see them until the last second.

Tracy Cressford

Cycling through the Lincolnshire back roads last Sunday, randomly saw a sign outside a house saying 'Vote for Trump', at the time I thought it was hilarious, but now I do not!

Jon Adams


In France one evening enjoying a ride up a mountain when a bloke appeared, naked from the waist down, and proceeded to water his hanging baskets. With a watering can, I might add.

Mark Coyle

During my short commute, cycling towards me with beaming faces were four or five school kids in various states of uniform. They were giving it everything, racing each other along the cycle path. As I passed them I had to chuckle. Tucked in behind them, in full pro kit was a chap clinging on to the back of the pack

Mark Fagg


Riding into a North Yorkshire village and finding these two mannequins enjoying some wine at 9:30 in a Sunday morning.

Richard Ward

I once saw a group of morris dancers on bikes struggling up a hill in the middle of a council estate. They were all wearing bells on their legs so they made a lot of jingling.

Jack Spearing

A female rider on a fairly expensive road bike, kitted out head to toe in lycra... with cowboy boots on.

Ruth Armstrong-Buisseret



Tim Watkins

A guy taking his reindeer for a walk, on a lead, down a mountain road.

Paul McParland

Several days into Race Across America, delirious, somewhere in Kansas, seeing a lady in a drive-through McDonalds on a ride-on lawn mower.

Marshall Reeves

I was out with a few mates a couple of weeks ago, sprinting to the finish, giving it everything I had, when I got hit square in the face by a low-flying pigeon. How I managed to stay on the bike I'll never know! It gave me a fat lip too. My mates found it hilarious.

Chris Curtis

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