Kevin Dawson 2008

He?s been crowned British Best All-Rounder a record-equalling 11 times, and nobody will
be betting against him making it 12. But Kevin Dawson is far from just a time triallist...

How is your season going?

I?m pretty pleased with things at the moment. I?m not riding quite as much as I used to because I?ve got a family now and they come first. But I still get out and I?m still enjoying my riding, which is the important thing.

Are you going for another British Best All-Rounder title, or is that all getting a bit boring?

No, not at all! I?ll try to ride the distances but I?ll just see how it goes. I probably will do a ?50?, ?100? and a 12-hour, but I?m not putting myself under pressure. I don?t want to be travelling all over the place any more.

You?re riding for Sportscover now. Why is that?

I just fancied a change, and they?re a good bunch of lads. There?s not such a lot of pressure to ride specific events like I was used to with other teams.

Who would you pick a fight with, and why?

Fighting is not my style.

Who would you have a drink with, and why?

To have a drink with any of my friends would be good. To kick back with a good bottle of wine and a long chat is my idea of a good evening.

What was your worst job?

I can?t say I have had any really bad ones. When I first left school I used to grade soil and rocks; a bit like breaking rocks in the hot sun in jail. Does that count?

What was your best job?

The one I have at the moment is OK. I have good work-mates, steady away, and it pays the bills... well some of them.

What would you invent?

A self-cleaning house. There are always too many jobs to do around the house.

What sport do you find boring?

I will literally watch any sport. Men?s tennis, though, can be pretty boring. I think it?s just about who can hit it the hardest these days. But I?d watch the women?s tennis, though.

What nationality would you like to be, and why?

A cycling-friendly country would be good, and one with a siesta would be nice. Good food, good wine. That sounds like Italy to me.

If you could have superhero powers, what would they be, and why?

I would make the day longer; there are never enough hours in the day.

You have an evening to yourself. Do you grab a CD, DVD or book, and why?

I would have to watch a DVD. But staying awake throughout the film would be another thing.

You?re having a dinner party for three guests. Who would you invite, and why?

The wife, Rebecca, to do the cooking. My dad just because he?s my dad and would bring the vegetables. And my lad Oliver to provide the entertainment.

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