Are direct-mount brakes the future?

Calliper rim brakes are very good, road disc brakes are gaining in popularity, so is there room for direct-mount brakes?

Every bike manufacturer worth its salt has launched an ‘aero’ road bike in the last few years. Typically that means a frame with svelte, kammtailed tubes, a rear wheel cutout, internal cabling, and ‘direct-mount’ or ‘post-mount’ brakes that are attached directly to either side of the fork or stay via two posts. This last ingredient certainly looks aesthetically pleasing, but do direct-mount brakes actually provide any practical benefit?

Specialized’s David Alexander says they require extra considerations by frame designers: “The design criteria for post-mount brakes, needing the two posts on there, does change the style of how you would create a frame. And of course you have to consider where you’d want to stick them on the frame.

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