The best way to inspire yourself to get out cycling if you can’t be bothered

Cycling Weekly readers reveal how they motivate themselves to go out for a ride on a day when they are feeling less than enthusiastic

Sometimes poor weather, tiredness or just plain old lack of enthusiasm can threaten to keep you indoors rather than get out on your bike.

We recently asked Cycling Weekly readers to reveal how they keep themselves motivated to ride, and present a selection of answers here in association with B'Twin.

How do you motivate yourself to get out riding if you're feeling like you can't be bothered? Let us know in the comment section below

I just remind myself my dad died at 62 through smoking (heart attack then a stroke). When I was 18, I swore I’d never end up like that. I’m now 50 and fit as a fiddle through cycling.

Mark Herring

It’s an old one but so true: winter miles = summer smiles. If you want to do well next year, get the miles in now.

Darrell Russell

Book a place on a big, high-profile ride that you’re very excited about. Then tell everyone that you’re doing it. The thought you’ll look like a prat if you don’t train for it is a powerful motivator, and the excitement about actually doing the ride obviously helps. Paris-Roubaix Challenge, anyone?

Matt Kemp

Pick a new route or do an old loop backwards. It’s amazing how different the same stretch of tarmac can be when you’re going the other way.

Alan Morrison

Once you hit 40, the threat of obesity and diabetes gets me out of the door for my Sunday morning constitutional, and you can have an extra slice of cheesecake!

Oliver Neilson

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Tell yourself to try it for five minutes and if you still can’t be bothered, then turn back... but once you’re out there, you know you won’t turn back, and you always feel good after riding.

Phil Lo SG

One look at all the empty crisp bags.

Dinal McGee

I ask myself what I want to do instead. If the alternative is not cycling-related I realise I would enjoy riding my bike more. Plus I tell myself, “I don’t have to go HARD, I just have to GO!”

Mark Middleton

Simply stand on the scales.

David Brown

Make friends at your local cycling club. You’ll want to see them — any suffering is shared and secondary.

Martin Naylor

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The thought of intervals on the turbo instead!

Susan Hoare

In the fine words of John Wake, my secondary school PE teacher, “The first 10 yards are the worst!”

Andy Young

Just remember, no matter how slow you go, you’re still beating everyone else who’s on the sofa.

Clay Clinker

Be really far away from where you need to be... even if that means ‘making up’ where you need to be.

Michael McEwan

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