Man completes four Everesting rides in one week

American Logan Kasper rode 1,285km in total, climbing over 36,000 metres

Logan Kasper (Rob Kulik)

While Everesting records are now in the hands of Grand Tour greats such as Alberto Contador, bringing new best times outside the realms of possibility for most cyclists, there is still room within the discipline for amazing two-wheeled feats.

American Logan Kasper has pushed this beyond any reasonable limit, completing four Everesting rides in seven days, cycling more than 1,285km and ascending 36,218 vertical metres during the challenge.

The 27-year-old from Massachusetts rides for professional mountain bike/gravel team Flow Formulas Starlight, completing his first ride on Monday June 22, taking in the 15 laps needed to reach the elevation of Mount Everest in 315km total distance, which took him over 14 hours to do, having also raced just the day before, labelling the effort a "recovery ride" on Strava.

Two days later he crossed the state border to New York, taking another 14 hours on a 20-lap ride totalling 342km, averaging 25.8km/h.

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Riding without support, Kasper loaded up his van with supplies and took a week off work for the challenge, fuelling himself with bars and endurance drink mixes, while treating himself to pizza and ice cream on the rest days in between rides.

His third ride took him to Maine, 32 laps totalling 327km, coming in just under the 14-hour mark this time. The third ascent was supposed to be his finish line but during the ride he decided to do a fourth, heading back to Massachusetts for a final 14-hour ordeal.

Logan Kasper (Rob Kulik)

"A little over a month ago a dumb but fun idea popped into my head to go for three Everestings in one week," Kasper said after finishing the fourth ride. "You could call it a triple crown. I kept it loose on which mountains I wanted to Everest.

"So I loaded up the van, took the week off from work and went for it. Midday on the third Everesting another funky idea popped in my head to do a fourth. Why? Because why not. So my mind was made up and a fourth happened all in the course of seven days.

"It was an amazing week. Living out of the van being self-supported for each mountain was like a vacation away from reality. Even though I finished the last one alone in the pouring rain late at night it made it that much more epic. It left me with nothing but a big smile and a few more epic ideas to come."

In total, Kasper climbed over 36,000 metres feet in four rides totalling nearly 1,300km. Putting this in perspective, the 2019 Tour de France climbed around 51,000 metres in twenty-one rides over 3,365km.

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