New debate over who's to blame as cyclist and pedestrian collide

Another incident where it isn't too clear who's at fault, this time in a collision between a pedestrian and a cyclist in South London

Footage has come to light of a collision between a cyclist and pedestrian in South London, and the incident has sparked a debate as to who's at fault.

This video was shot on the dashcam of a bystanding vehicle that captures the moment the rider comes into contact with the crossing pedestrian. The video was shared on YouTube by silent1983.

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The cyclist goes down and hits the road and the walker continues to the pavement. The cyclist is soon back upright but the pedestrian can be seen crouching down and possibly holding their head.

Before crouching down it had looked like the pedestrian was ready to leave the scene. The cyclist appear to tuck in their earphone cable before readying themselves to leave.

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It seems that little is said between the two involved parties, but the filming car moves off before the cyclist so the end of the episode is unknown.

Another incident caused a similar debate earlier this week when a commuting cyclist and turning taxi came into contact.

That incident was viewed to its conclusion and saw the driver and rider part with a handshake.