How to plan your perfect ride in three effortless steps

Plan your perfect ride

(Image credit: DANIEL HUG)

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What is it that makes a roadie excited to hit the asphalt? Sometimes it’s the chance to catch up with mates. Other times it’s to experience that feeling akin to flying as you barrel down a descent. Sometimes it’s the chance to clear your head, but almost every time it’s the possibility of discovering a new secret lane or a rewarding climb.

Every ride holds the potential to reveal the best lanes or hills you’ve ever ridden. But what if you could turn that potential into a promise?

Komoot’s route planning features do just that. By tapping into local knowledge shared on the app, and using the unique way type and route elevation profiles, you can ensure that every route you ride is perfect for you.

(Image credit: DANIEL HUG)

So how do you plan the perfect route with komoot?

You start by selecting road cycling as your sport. This way, when you enter your start and end points, komoot will connect the dots using roads and tracks suitable for the kind of riding you want to do: road cycling.

You then tap into local cycling knowledge with komoot Highlights. Once you have your basic route plotted, scan the map for red dots, the Highlights recommended from road cyclists in the local area. These include their insider tips for quiet lanes and hill climbs to make your roadie heart sing, as well as convenient loo breaks, and cyclist-friendly refuelling stops.

Click on the Highlights you want to add and komoot will readjust your route to include them.

At this point your Highlights added, you can check out the elevation and surface type profiles to get an overview of your updated route. Does your new route include a short section of gravel, or does it suddenly look a little flat for your liking? Use map overlays like Open Street Map to check the map for suitable tarmac roads, then drag and drop the pins so your route includes them.

Once you’re happy with your planned route, save it as a komoot Tour. Sync it with your GPS device (komoot plays nicely with Wahoo, Garmin and a number of other devices too), or activate voice navigation. Get ready to head out on a tailored route that’s perfect for you, excited in the knowledge that those secret lanes and rewarding climbs are just a few pedal strokes away.

Head to to sign-up for a free komoot account and enter the code CYCLINGWEEKLY to benefit from komoot's turn-by-turn voice navigation, offline maps, advanced integrations with Garmin & Wahoo, for a region of your choice.