Shimano hydraulic road brakes for 11-speed mechanical groupsets

August availability for hydraulic disc brake system that's compatible with 11-speed mechanical groupsets Ultegra, Dura-Ace and new 105 (5800)

Shimano has released hydraulic disc brakes for 11-speed mechanical groupsets – RS685 – along with the launch for model year 2015 of its 105 5800 component line.

Following on from the launch of R785 – hydraulic disc brakes with electronic shifting released in 2013 – we see RS685 as being a huge deal as they not only allow cheaper hydraulic stopping from the world’s biggest cycle component manufacturer, but also makes it more accessible due to the proportion of mechanical groupsets already on the market as it’s fully compatible with 11-speed Ultegra and Dura-Ace groupsets, and of course the new 105.

Somehow Shimano has managed to incorporate both the hydraulic master cylinder along with the full mechanical shift mechanism inside the an STI hood that’s got broadly the same dimensions as a standard one, a very impressive achievement in our opinion.

Launch pricing is set at £469.99, for RS685 and compares very favourably with the Ultegra digital shifting, as it’s actually cheaper despite obviously being more complex, R785 comes it at £499.99. Both prices include a pair of shifters, fully bled hoses and the R785 caliper but doesn’t include the price of the rotor or adaptors.

Expected availability is August 2014.





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