This is how you can tell you’ve become addicted to riding in Richmond Park

When your lap PR starts to become an obsession

1. Every ride is a time trial

Jerone Walters Richmond Park TT

Jerone Walters in a legitimate Richmond Park TT

Even when you say you’re going to take it easy…

2. Your clockwise and anti-clockwise Strava times define you


This is a picture to exemplify someone checking their times

“I just clocked a 17-50, and that was with a headwind on Sawyer’s as well.”

3. You start analysing the wind speeds


Our best guess is that he’s contemplating a tailwind up Broomfield Hill

Because that 6mph south-westerly breeze is the optimum for a fast RP lap.

4. You begin to use slang terms for the various gates

Roehampton gate

Roe gate. Classic meeting point.

“Where we meeting? Roe, Ham or Charlie Sheen?”

5. You’ve got specific Richmond Park kit


Ride in style. It’s the least you can do for a few laps.

There’s no such thing as too aero for Richmond Park.

6. Your phone is full of pictures of deer

Jack's deer

Photo credit: Jack Elton-Walters (which he’s definitely pleased about)

They’re not your pets. But they might start to feel like it.

7. You start measuring distance in units of RP


Even a free Boost bar can’t help him figure out how many RPs he’s just ridden

When your friend asks if you want to go on a 90km ride to Brighton and you start calculating how many laps of RP that is.

8. Even your other rides start going via the park

RIchmond Park

Another stock photo of Richmond Park

The park is a great place to go for a weekday spin after work, or even if you’re pushed for time on the weekend. But when your London-Brighton and Box Hill routes start going via a couple of laps of the park, you know you might be a next level fan.

9. Dark Hill/Broomfield Hill is your Alpe d’Huez


Chris Froome himself would struggle (Google Maps/Watson)

One in the same.

10. You feel like you’ve joined London Dynamo/Kingston Wheelers/Dulwich Paragon


The Dynamo peloton ready for a cruise

Room for one more lads?

11. Your friends hassle you about lap times

richp-chatYou don’t need to smash the descents, or even need correct spelling to get a fast time round there.

How much faster is an aero bike?