Tweets of the week: Down on the farm with Thibaut Pinot

Egan Bernal also unveils a new bottle opener ready for his Tour 2021 victory

Here at the tweets of the week sub-section of Cycling Weekly, we’ve grown numb to the more offbeat recesses of the Bizarro World that is cycling.

Remember Mikel Landa taking an axe to his turbo trainer at the start of lockdown? That was somewhat of a watershed moment as everyone, fans and pros alike, began to lose their grip on reality during the months spent mostly inside.

But now, as the return of racing beckons, the weirdness appears to be subsiding and a sense of sanity returning. Replacing these peculiarities is a welcome wholesomeness that is very much needed in the world today.

Geraint Thomas going fishing, Thibaut Pinot hanging out with his donkeys, Cofidis’ Julien Vermote helping a 12-year-old out with a puncture. Maybe after all the awfulness of the first half of 2020, we can now have nice things. Let’s hope it continues.

But don’t worry, the weirdness hasn’t completed disappeared. First up is a child on rollers casually chucking a disc into a DVD player. Yeah, don’t even.

1. I’ve watched this a million times and still can’t figure out how she managed this

2. New-found wholesomeness exhibit A: Thibaut Pinot and his donkeys

3. Exhibit B: Julien Vermote stopping during a training ride to help a 12-year-old cyclist who had punctured


5. Bernal has ridden over 4,000km in the last four weeks but having one solitary beer constitutes a life of excess

6. And the Time Person of the Year award goes to…


7. Maybe this could be added to the end of everyone’s driving theory exam?? Just a thought

8. Maybe cycling and fishing could become a new biathlon-type event? Ineos could even let the river decide who is the out-and-out team leader


9. A pre-existing marginal gain of Ineos pulling on the front all the time: not catching coronavirus

10. What a hat, what a dog, what a man.


We’ll be back in seven days’ time for more of the best from social media across the cycling world.