Tweets of the Week: Julian Alaphilippe’s dancing, Jasper Philipsen’s new bike and Elinor Barker’s lockdown injury

Just a few of our favourite social media moments from the last seven days

Well we’re now in that familiar two week wait between the end of the Tour de France and the start of the Giro d’Italia…wait, that doesn’t sound right.

After just a few short days off, and with the World Championships crammed in the middle, we’re now on the eve of another Grand Tour.

While riders should have been busy preparing for their goals for the rest of the season, instead they’ve been doing their best influencer impressions on social media to keep the fans entertained – and we thank them for it.

Here are just a few of our favourites tweets from the last week:

1. When the Giro takes inspiration from the British TT scene

2. Nicolas Roche gets his excuses in early like a proper TT rider

3. The new Colnago is something a bit different

4. When your Tour Down Under stage victory is a little bit too memorable

5. Career highlight for Lizzy Banks?

6. Alaphilippe is the world champion of weird dancing

7. Wow this is scarily accurate

8. Yep, we’re lost in the calendar  too

9. Lockdown has plenty of hidden dangers

10. Not sure what to say about this one

We’ll be back in seven days with more tweets of the week .