Tweets of the year: The best tweets of 2019

Most tweets are not good tweets but these ones are

Another year, another deluge of tweets. 182 billion were sent out in 2019 and that’s not even counting all of the ones that people typed out, saw sense and subsequently deleted, locking their phone shut and putting it back in their pocket.

Of all those tweets actually sent out, most of which are rubbish and make you want to burn the website down to the ground, a small proportion of them were about cycling.

A selection of these made it into our tweets of the week series every seven days and now we’ve chosen the best 25 tweets of the whole year.

It’s fair to say these are the Rolls-Royce of cycling tweets, the social media posts with the optimum marginal gains. Naturally, our list includes Peter Sagan, Thomas De Gendt and Alex Dowsett, and that Astana rap video.

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1. Christian Bale, a surprise all-rounder – Jan 5th

2. Even nearly 12 months later, this video is still just as harrowing – Jan 14th

3. This was only after he won his second stage of Tirreno-Adriatico, imagine the car-dancing after his (delete as appropriate) Milan San-Remo/Flèche Wallonne/Tour de France victories – March 18th

4.  How CCC are testing the aerodynamics of their kit in 2019 – March 21st

5. Not even daylight robbery can make Dan Martin lose focus – 1st April

6. An all-time look – 2nd May

7. Proof that Thomas De Gendt is human after all – May 14th

8. Alex Dowsett, current British time trial champion and future poet laureate – May 21st

9. Proof that being an elite sportsperson doesn’t mean your athleticism translates to other disciplines – May 18th

10. Presumably this is what Jim Ratcliffe means when he says Ineos’ sports science is like nothing he’s ever seen before – May 24th

11. This photo needs to be on display in an art gallery – May 25th

12. And this one – June 4th

13. A video that makes you feel tired just by watching it – June 30th

14. Note to self: Never let Peter Sagan help out with any DIY, ever – July 4th

15. How best to pay respect to the day that marks the turning point of the French Revolution? Shove your arse in the face of the Tour de France peloton, of course – July 14th

16.  Camera skills: 0/10. Scenes 10/10 – July 15th

17. For the good of cycling the Tour de France needs drunk Wiggo on the back of a moto at next year’s race – July 28th

18. Agatha Christie’s latest book recounts a dark day at the Tour of the Basque Country – August 19th

19. Back in the UK, Bradley Wiggins is still whizzing about on a motorbike. Hopefully this time leaving the champagne at home – August 31st


20. The aliens are going to be so unbelievably confused when they unearth this video in the year 3148 – September 6th

21. Chad Haga, our favourite cyclist of 2019. For reasons completely unrelated to the below photo – September 10th

22. Still waiting to find out who the front was reserved for to relegate Froome, Bernal, Alaphilippe and Pinot to the second row – October 15th

23. Elia Viviani. Sprint champion, tv quiz show virtuoso – November 3rd

24. George Bennett asking (and answering) the tough questions the mainstream cycling media cant – November 4th

25. A sad way to end the year, but Mathieu van der Poel is sure to honour his grandfather with many more wins throughout the 2020 season – November 13th

That’s it for another year of the online hellscape commonly known as Twitter dot com. Do you feel good about how much time you wasted mindlessly scrolling during 2019? No, neither do I. But I guess it’s something to pass the time and distract us from our collective and inevitable march towards oblivion. Anyway, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!