Tweets of the week: Ian Bibby, Thomas De Gendt, Elinor Barker and more

The best social media posts from across the cycling world this week

As we all know, cyclists and social media are often a fantastic combination, allowing the fans a behind the scenes look at what goes on in and around the professional peloton.

Here are some that caught our eye this week, including ones from Alex Dowsett, Phil Gaimon and Thomas De Gendt.

1. This is a life-changing hack

2. Someone give Chad Haga a punditry job

3. Candidate for poet laureate, Alex Dowsett

4. Tom Skujinš gets the Twitter treatment

5. Phil Gaimon’s ‘cookie corner’ at the Tour of California was a huge hit

6. Thomas De Gendt is probably the only rider disappointed with this parcours

7. Oh, and this one…

8.  Retired pro jokes are the same as dad jokes?

9. All legs and no feet

10. We all have that one mate