Philly Bike Expo: a spotlight on diversity in bike builders and their builds

Take a look at these stunning and capable steeds made by this year's crop of PBE x SRAM scholarship recipients

2022 PBE x SRAM scholarship recipients
(Image credit: Elisabeth Reinkordt)

“Cycling is far more diverse than the industry gives it credit for being,” says SRAM's Brook Fowler.

The Philly Bike Expo x SRAM Inclusivity Scholarship program aims to place some of that diversity in the spotlight.  

Now in its third year, the program brings in a few builders from diverse backgrounds who historically haven’t been part of the regular show circuit. These builders — both experience and new— are provided with SRAM components, travel funds, lodging and premier booth space at the Philly Bike Expo to showcase their talents. 

“We know there are so many frame builders out there, but it’s hard to know how big the actual market is,” says Fowler, who credited the Philly Bike Expo for their emphasis on being an inclusive space as a natural fit for the program.

“We have always wanted the Philly Bike Expo to be something for everyone, no matter where you ride, who you are or what sort of bike you’re on,” says Philly Bike Expo director Bina Bilenky. 

“We’re happy to have gone from recruiting builders the first year to having a great pool of applicants, and I want to encourage those who might be hesitant to apply to get in touch and submit an application." 

“It’s exciting to see the diversity in what they build. They can request whatever parts they want from us, and we don’t know what they’ll be making until we see it all come together,” Fowler says.

Fowler sees each year’s builders are ahead of the curve on trends, noting that they see ideas emerging here that will become more widespread in a few years. 

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