Breathe easy with NAROO

Banish hay fever and filter out pollution with a scientifically constructed sport mask

After months of riding in the cold and dark, the spring equinox is a welcome seasonal change for cyclists.

Unfortunately, the joys of spring and warmer weather can be over-shadowed by symptoms of hay fever and a reduction in air quality.

While hay fever effects some people, ambient air pollution affects us all, and is now the top UK environmental risk to human health, and the fourth greatest threat to public health after cancer, heart disease and obesity*

But seasonal and perennial breathing issues don’t have to turn your ride into an uphill struggle.

While the best way to avoid inhaling airborne pollen particles is to avoid going outside entirely, this is hardly a practical solution for cyclist with a passion for life outdoors.

While there are some remedies available for pollen allergy prevention, the only real solution for protection against all airborne particles is to cover your airways with a mask.

NAROO sports masks are streamlined, easy to fit and have been specifically designed to enable optimal breathing during intense sports activities.

The filtering system uses the exclusive MICRONET fabric, which filters out the smallest classified Particle Matter, PM2.5  - 200 times smaller than a grain of sand.

MICRONET technology completely blocks pollen particles, enabling suffering sports people to once again enjoy the outdoors.

The Washable and reusable filtration system acts as a barrier to Particle Matter, not your ability to breath, vital when pressing on means breathing hard.

Keep check on Air quality where you ride

Met Office

Search and save place names for 10 day weather, UV, Air Pollution and pollen counts. Visit or download the free app.


Provides advanced forecasts warnings of expected air pollution levels for the UK or search maps by postcode for more local detail. Either visit, follow UK-AIR on Twitter or sign up to E-Mail bulletins.

London Air

Independent forecasts on air pollution for London and South East England. Visit or download the free London Air app.

Seasonal breathing: It doesn’t have to be an up hill struggle.

*DEFRA Clean Air Strategy 2019.

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