Train smarter with the Tacx Neo 2T

Tacx’s update to its leading smart trainer, the Neo 2T, brings yet more features to enhance your home training

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Released at the end of 2019, Tacx’s latest home trainer is both simple to use and packed full of features. If you’re yet to embrace the world of online, virtual riding, or just want to do some structured training to boost your riding, the Neo 2T brings everything you need straight to your pain cave.

The 2T is the only truly direct-drive trainer on the market, with no internal belt drive required, can harness over 2,000 watts of power and mimic a gradient of 25 per cent. Its 20kg of weight coupled with an 80cm-wide base means it’s stable enough to handle any rider who is lucky enough to put out those kind of numbers.

If you’re put off smart trainers by the technology, connectivity and potential need for input from IT experts, don’t be. Connecting it to Zwift or Tacx on any device couldn’t be simpler and with both ANT+ and Bluetooth, it will talk to any GPS computer on your handlebars.

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No calibration is needed (unlike on-bike power meters), and any firmware updates are few and far between.

Best of all, this trainer requires zero maintenance and its universal QR will fit any dropout. And all this while being packed with features. Power readings are accurate to one per cent, it can provide full pedal stroke analysis and display it live on any third-party app or computer, simulate descents and mimic the feeling of a variety of road surfaces.

And despite all this, there’s nothing stopping you plonking it on the floor behind your car in a village hall car park and warming up with no external power. The internal battery and 32 magnets in the drive wheel will deliver a power curve that feels like riding on the road.

Did you know?

The Neo 2T works without power. Its internal battery does everything needed to allow the trainer to work without a power source.

When using Zwift, or the Tacx app, the magnets in the drive mechanism can mimic riding on both cobbles and gravel.

Pedal stroke analysis is done by left/right pedal sensors that constantly measure your leg position.

The drive’s resistance can simulate sprints up to 2,200 watts. With reduced internal air displacement, it’s one of the quietest trainers on the market.

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